A trip to Korea

I am back again! This time round I'm going to provide a detail write up of my Korea trip. There are some things that you may need to plan, to know and to do before you even set off for your trip. Basically you need to have your trip itinerary well planned in your head, and some backup plans in your nipple or dick heads if the main plan doesn’t work. So this was what we had in mind then.

Day 01 (29 Dec) – Reach Seoul (find a 2 days 1 night accommodation)

Day 02 (30 Dec) – Travel to our Hiking area nearby accommodation

Day 03 to 05 ( 1 – 3 Oct) – Hiking at Jirisan National Park

Day 05 (3 Oct) – Return to Seoul

Day 06 (4 Oct) – Eat & Eat, to pamper our gone suffering hike

Day 07 (5 Oct) – Doing Zip Wire (flying fox), rail bike ride, ATV, gold cave & milestones cave visit

Day 08 (6 Oct) – Transfer accommodation and plan for paragliding

Day 09 (7 Oct) – Paragliding

Day 10 (8 Oct) – Everland theme park visit

Day 11 (9 Oct) – Seoul Palace visit

Day 12 to 13 (10 – 11 Oct) – Shop and eat

Day 13 (11 Oct) – Return to Sg

Let’s first talk about flight booking and accommodation. Don’t be Kiam Kana (stingy) and try to save and book a flight and reach your destination at odd hours where you have to carry big bags and luggage moving around or plain waiting for hours for your accommodation to be available for check in. The usual check in time for accommodation is 3pm (sometimes an earlier arrangement could be made, depends if you are staying in hotel or guesthouse). Taking 3pm as the guideline, the ideal time to reach Seoul Incheon International Airport is anything after 2pm (Sg to Seoul takes about 6hrs). You will need 45mins to 1 hr to reach Seoul Station if you are taking the Airport Express train. For your return flight if you are taking the late evening flight, do take note that the last airport express train timing is 10pm. If you miss that time, mean you have to cab all the way which can be costly.

For accommodation, it’s really up to your preference and depends on what is your itinerary and whether you intend to stick to the same area for entire trip or change a few different areas just to check out the happening stuff at that area. If you have no idea, the best way is to always choose your accommodation very near to Seoul Subway Station, and I mean you just need less than 5mins walk to the station for convenient purpose. Also, if your last accommodation is near to Seoul station, you can shop and pack your goodies into boxes and direct take the airport express to the airport and not having to carry too much of loads and keeps transferring different subway lines which are mostly unfriendly. When I say mostly unfriendly I mean that you have to first know where to transfer, how to walk to thelong distace of the desired transfer line and carry all your barang barang and walk staircases up and down. Yes, we are pampered with escalators in all our stations but not there. So is your choice.

To visit places that can’t be accessed by subways or buses or takes freaking half day or more to reach that destination and by the time you reach, probably the activities you intend to do will be closed by then. So you may intend to rent a car and drive there which will save you from hours of ride. Here’s the deal, you have to first convert your license into international license in Sg which takes a week to two for the collection. Then you must be familiar of left hand driving, else you will have big problems in orientation. Then Seoul traffic is basically not as friendly during morning or evening peak hours. And lastly the GPS system in English often not as accurate or smart as the one you use for your car. It is important that you left basic Korean character of left turn, right turn, etc, just for convenient sake. Try to have one more person in standby to drive.

Whatever activities you can book online please do so, not unless they only open to their locals or requires a Korean account for reservations. For cases like that either you engage a local there to help you book or can approach your accommodation owner or other means in booking.

You need to buy EG Sim card on line and collect it at the airport and get the person to help you to setup so that you can start calling and have data for net surfing. You also need to download this application called EG SIM CARD, and upon getting your Korean phone number (remember to note down the phone number, you need it as info for top up) then go to top up the voice with credit card payment. It is ok and still work if you miss the top up validity date. The top up of voice will allow you to convert to 1GB data. So once you left with minimum data, says about 50MB (can only top up data when left with 0MB, make sure you find a place with WIFI to activate the application to top up and convert to data, or borrow your friend’s phone hotspot to do the job.

Ok, that’s about it for the initial, and in my next post, will show you how to read their subway map.

To be continued….

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I am back again :)

Let's begin this entry with a story telling.

A year ago, I went to the palmist who told me that I would encounter an amulet, a
大劫. He even pointed out that it would happen in this year October. And for an entire year I have been worrying something really serious going to happen to me and as the month approached, I basically couldn’t really eat, or work or sleep well.

October arrived and I was like waiting for something to happen each day, every hour, every minute. Even when I fell asleep, I thought my room would catch a fire, or my heart would stop beating. And if I was working, I would imagine being called to the room to receive bad news such as retrenchment package or being fired for doing something careless. And when I eat, I would think that some bones would choke me to death, or fish ball got stuck in my throat which was impossible to and block my airway. And I could even imagine to be hit by some vehicle while walking the zebra crossing. The list went on and on like the series of that movie entitled final destination.

And when October ended and still nothing happens, I began to worry that when the palmist mentioned about October, it may not be the Ang Moh calendar but instead it’s the Chinese Calendar. That means I have to suffer another month of paranoids and hallucinations. So at times when I was the last person to leave the office due to OT, I would imagine ghosts planning to attack me if I hear a tiny little funny sound made by the surrounding area. And when I go to pang sai, I would imagine that there’s a chance that a snake is hiding at the toilet bowl and will bite my balls the moment I sit onto it. And then when I worked OT and saw ah nair security guards with new faces whom I have never seen before doing their duties checking the office areas, I would have the thought that I may be raped in bukake way like those educational videos if I don’t leave the place a.s.a.p. and still continue to do OT alone in the office. And when I’m in the gym, I don’t even do any free weights, thinking I would just slip my hand and the dumb bells or weights just land on my head and crash it.

Finally it’s over, the month went with nothing seriously happen on me and I told myself never to go for any such enquiry in the future.

To be continued….

Senju Kannon

Sketch this, took me quite a while to complete...not fully complete i must say, i thought of adding some more words....but for now, this shall be....To be continued...995653_10152427758796429_8745849930494333123_n

Nightmares 1+1

Yes I'm back! And so if you are in my facebook list, you probably already learnt about my nightmares encounter. Afterall, FB is not an appropriate place to tell long story isn't it? And the twist should always come from LJ if you need that to spice up your day, I guess.

So side track a bit, I’m ok and I’m fine. I’m working in this job for about two years, with no abalone in my office, only sea cucumbers, some fanciful ones in fact. Mum still the same, always in the search of something to stir my life, like as if seeing me in peace will lead me to give up my job and turn myself into a temple and become a monk. We shall come to her stories later. Ah Ma finally decided to pick up her one way ticket to meet Ah gong, and her new apartment is at this Teochew Clan which has a very interesting location. We will get back to that later in my subsequent post I think. The house is currently in renovation, and yes besides the hazardous noise pollution, I am expecting to burn a big hole in my pocket. So is like eating porridge daily, which in hope will reduce some lard in my body. As for cookie, still very Straights! No matter how I asked him to kiss me, he will just tilt his head away, not unless I place the treat near to my face.

So let’s get back to the nightmares…

I slept at around ten-ish last night after taking my dinner. It must be the food digestion and the tiredness of the overtime work that I knocked off almost immediately on my bed when I removed my clothing. And then I recalled waking up at one-plus just to go over to the wall and switched off the light and got back to my bed and slept again…

It began with a family dinner, and even my HK bro and sis in-law joined us. I was waiting for the moment, the moment to say something important. Something that could possibly cause me into deep sit, where the worst consequence is I no longer be linked to my surname, where I no longer be allowed to stay with my family.

As usual, my brothers will give some ideas of what to order, while for me, I don’t really pay much notice about the menu. All I’m interested is whether it comes in medium plate or large plate. Eventually, the wait staff took our order, and moved his way to have our order upload to a monitor that probably linked to the central kitchen.

Some were chatting and some playing or checking their mobile. I thought that if I have to do it, this would be the best time before the food starts coming one after another, and they will be too distracted with eating.

“I have something to say. I will be getting married.”

I could imagine mum’s heartbeat pulsating 200per minute, eyes popping out like goldfish even without looking at her expression. While my 4 sis in-laws will be like paparazzi, each preparing a thousand questions to interview me. As for the guys, including my dad and brothers, they will just probably smile and say something like “finally…”.

Mum: Oh really? That’s great!

I could see mum started picking her mobile from her Burberry bag which I bought for her during my Hokkaido trip and presuming she is going to announce to the whole world. Correction, I mean judging from mum’s character, if she knows the existing living creatures of other planets, she will in fact announce to the entire universe or even beyond the galaxy.

Then questions started popping out from my sis in-laws…

“When is the great day?”

“How many guests are you inviting?”

“Where is your honeymoon?”

“Which restaurant or hotel you have in mind?”

“Where will you two stay after marriage?”

These seemed to be pretty easy to answer which I just gracefully grabbed and threw.

“Really close relatives that we contact weekly, not those that only talk annually. It’s my wedding, and it’s not your gathering, if you want your own gathering, go book your own buffet with your kakis. Then a few close friends, some current colleagues, expecting like less than 80-100.”

“Honeymoon…maybe europe or something, looking for sponsor….”

“Likely to be hotel…a hotel at the beach or by the garden will be good…”

“Stay with mum and dad, can still take care of them so that they won’t be so lonely since all of you staying out now.”

The tricky part came when the man of the house started to speak in his usual cool tone, monotone in fact, without much expression, but certainly sounds serious enough to wake you up.

“Arrange your partner to see us first, then go and arrange another with their parents.”

Mum: Yes, I want to see my future daughter in-law…and my Qing Jia.

“She will start pestering you for baby, your mum I mean. I won’t rush you, just have one when you both ready.”

Subsequent questions getting scarier and scarier where everyone presuming that their future auntie, future sis in-law, future daughter in-law is not an xmen and can have babies…And I was so terrified and finding all means to escape, to change subject, to answer in tactical ways until I couldn’t take it anymore and woke up suddenly…

Phew! Lucky that was just a dream, a nightmare in fact!

(OK! I know it’s still illegal here to have xmen marriage but in dreams anything is possible. Presuming in the dream world, it’s legalized.)

And so I checked at the clock mounted on the wall and it showed 4am, and I still can sleep another 2-3 hours before I have to get ready for work. And quite quickly, I went back to sleep again, and didn’t realize that the nightmare continued from where I last left it…

To be continued…

My pets

All right, I'm back again and where do I begin? I remember writing like 200-300 words, but nowadays I have to shrink them into 20-30 words to fit into FB. Anyway, today I just want to write something about keeping a pet. Perhaps not many people have a pet at home, as the commitment sometimes can be a little overwhelming.

When I was a kid, that was like 10 years ago, okok....maybe more than that. So, when I was a kid I remember my first pet was a...

"A dog?"

"A cat?"

"A bird?"

"A fish?"

I used to stay in those half kampong area and directly opposite my conrete house was a traditional Atak house (亚塔屋). My role as a kid was to help mum to water the few pots of plants that were placed along the small drain. So I remember one day I caught a Orh Pao and it was one of the strongest category for fighting spider. It was my first pet where it's new home was located at one of those plants, and everyday I fed him with mosquitoes.
What happen to him?
I released him one day and placed it at a leaf where there was a big fat ass female spider.

When the Atak house family shifted out, I realized that I have more pets than ever. First mum started use the plot of land and built some cages with the help of dad's workers and started rearing chicken. And my role was to in charge of the two special pet of mine,
the two chicken that laid eggs daily.
What happen to them?
I didn't realize that the fried chicken i ate was one of them, and the other was given to ah ma.

And then, one day dad bought a golden arowana and i started to keep another new pet. What I did was to get those old carpet and laid on the cemeted floor of the atak house's room, with the help of my dad's workers. And soon, my new pet started to stay there and of course, my new pet also became the meal for my golden arowana, and they were centipedes.
What happen to them?
The wet carpet was like an ideal home for centipedes and no matter how many i caught for the arowana, a few days later when i went over and lifted up the carpet, surely new breeds are there, sometimes in red, sometimes in black.
As for my arowana, when we shifted to our HDB, while trying to transfer him from the container to the tank, he jumped out of the container and suffered internal injury i guess. After one or two days he went heaven. I remember mum and dad was so sad that....they actually wrapped the arowana with newspaper and kept it in the freezer for like 2-3 years before they finally let it go.

And then one day, mum realized that her two fat chicken went MIA, where we search high and low, until we came to the natural well, and we encountered a bloated python digesting our two fat chicken. It was easily captured by my dad's workers and we soon caged it as a pet. And his daily meal was the rat that fell into the cage trap, and of course I didnt feed the python, though it was my new pet. I was afraid that I becomes his third fat chicken as I was quite small built then.
What happen to the python?
I just know that one morning when I went to check those chicken and him, I realized that the cage was opened and nothing inside. Initially I thought he was strong enough to struggle and fought its way out or his kakis came to rescue him. Until many years later then I realized that it was in the stomach of don't know who....

When we shifted to my current place we didn't keep anymore pet until 8 years ago when baby cookie came to our famiy. Today this fat boy is still actively michevious and greedy, and his only hobby is stealing of food by whatever means he could think of...
What will happen to Cookie?
Unlike those previous pets that were either released or eaten or had a tragic death, for Cookie, he will continue to grow old with us.

To be continued...

Singapore Has Four Seasons!

Imagine Monster as a TOURIST...
How nice when I flip the colorful design of Singapore travel's book and I read this...
Singapore consists of....
4 different cultures, 4 different races, 4 different languages, and finally 4 different seasons...
Summer season, Rainy Season, Dengue Season & Hazy Season....
Welcome to Singapore :)

To be continued...

May your dreams come true

Sometimes we hear people saying this...."May your dreams come true."
Some dreams do come true in reality. Some dreams like striking 1st prize lottery, becoming a tai tai, getting a job as a host for Japan Hours, hardly or will never come true. And there are dreams which you don't have to wait for it to come true, but you make them come true.
I had a dream in 2008 and in my dream I saw a group of people performing some form of prayers, and I wanted to join them too. That was how I started to make my dream came true, that was when I first started to perform the 3 steps 1 bow ceremony.

Rightfully, as one grows older, he should cut down the intensity of what he's been doing for the past. However, each year, I will try a different way to make the ceremony tougher than the previous one that I did. From 1 day of strict vegetarian to current 3 days straights in a row before the ceremony commences, as a form of self purification. From taking big steps to current small steps. From doing once a year to current two times a year with one on Vesak Day and the other for the internal volunteers which usually happens 1-2 weeks earlier. From taking a train, a bus, cycle to last year just walking my way to the temple from Aljunied to Sin Min. Perhaps in your eyes is a form of torture and maybe a little too extreme. I disagreed, as I did it willingly and peacefully and I regarded it as a form of sincerity. When you are really sincere of giving everything, there shouldn't be any pain or fear ahead you, it's just simply joy and peace.

My 6th year doing it, and still loving it...i guess when i love something, i can love it for very very long...

To be continued...

Desaru Cycling Trip Part 1

This is just an information post, caused it may be too long to do it in FB.

Total number of days for the cycling trip: 2 days.
Total cycling distance covers: 84km.
Amount requires for ferry transport & bike rental : S$63
Amount requires for lunch & resort accomodation : TBA ; depend on the number of pax sharing.

Itinerary for Desaru Cycling:

DAY 01

  1. 0730 hrs : Meet @ Changi Village hawker center for breakfast (passport, and equipment check)

  2. 0800 hrs : Collection of bicycle (est. S$20 for two days)

  3. 0815 hrs : Gather @ Changi Village jetty; clear immigration and custom

  4. 0830 hrs : Est. departure time;  Prepare S$14 (S$11 for bum boat transport + S$3 for bicycle loading)

  5. 0930 hrs : Arrive @ JB, Tanjong Pengelih Ferry Terminal; Cycle 18km to Sungai Rengit, expecting 'Flat' tarred road

  6. 1215 hrs : Arrive @ Sungai Rengit; famous lobster lunch

  7. 1315 hrs : Prepare to head to Desaru; Cycle 34km to Desaru, expecting 'flat' and steep up slope tarred road

  8. 1730 hrs : Arrive Desaru; either stay at Golden Beach Resort or Lotus Desaru Beach Resort (1 night stay; price TBA)

  9. 1930 hrs : Dinner

DAY 02

  1. 0700 hrs : Breakfast

  2. 0830 hrs : Checkout

  3. 0845 hrs : Head to junction for break; Cycle 14km, expecting 'W' & 'M' tarred road

  4. 1100 hrs : Break at Junction

  5. 1130 hrs : Continue cycle 18km to Tanjong Belungkor Ferry Terminal.

  6. 1400 hrs : Arrive Tanjong Belungkor Ferry Terminal; Ferry Rides S$29 (S$24 adult fares + S$5 bicycle loading)

  7. 1530 hrs : Departure from Tanjong Belungkor Ferry Terminal

  8. 1600 hrs : Arrive Changi Ferry Terminal

To be continued....Desaru Route Map


After watching that movie entitled  忠烈杨家将, i thought of sharing something...

1) There's one scene where General Yang played by 郑少秋 put on his battle suit and claimed that it still fitted well even though he has not wear it for long...

If this happens in army hor...
a) Most reservist personnels will turn fat and unlikely to fit in 'S' again
b) Even if they can fit it in, they will hope or maybe ask their superior...
  "Sgt/Sir/Encik, can we go with clean fatigue?" or
  "Sgt/Sir/Encik, can don't wear helmet, jocky cap can?" or the even worst one...
  "Or just wear camouflage scarf can?"

2) There's a scene where the 6th bro played by 吴尊 where he carried his dad who had passed away (can imagine how heavy dead body was) and carried all the rest of the dead brother's weapons back home.

If this happens in army hor...
a) And in fact it really happened in some major last missions where the 'sway' soldier have to fireman lift a tua pui or tua juk soldier, then besides carrying his SAR21, he had to carry a 84 or/and MG and sweat like mad dog to head to the safe ground.
b) If 吴尊 role is played by our chow keng soldier, he will not carry all the weapons back. Instead he will cut off the decoration hook to the weapon and bring it back...and the even more chow keng one will discreetly take out his cam mobile and snap and case closed.

3) The scene where the 6th & 7th brothers were punished by a huge stick where they were whacked like 30 times i think.

If this happens in army hor...
a) "Encik, I rather kena 7 extra!"
b) "Sir, I rather you send me to DB and carry sandbag daily"
c) "I need to get on-line now on FB, twitter, blog, etc, and help me dial MINDEF, Xin Min, Wan Bao, urgent!"

4) And again the scene where the 6th & 7th brothers were punished...
I mean if i'm the director, i would add in this....

“爹,六弟、七弟闯的祸是因为我做五哥的没看好他们!要罚就罚我" (removes his shirt and half naked with 6th & 7th bro)

“爹,跟五弟无关,要罚就罚我做四哥的没管教好他们!” (removes his shirt with 5,6,7)

“你们这几个少废话,爹,请处罚我,我肉厚,打我吧!” (removes his shirt with 4,5,6,7)




To be continued...

A scary visitor at Malacca aunt's place

Last weekends I went to Malacca to pay respect to my grandpa, and that was the first time I visited his 'bangalow'. It was also the first time I got the chance to play or rather to use firecrackers to wake up grandpa that we have arrived to do spring cleaning and brought food for him.

Under the hot sun, I have to put this colourful papers on top of grandpa's bangalow and hold it with stone. The process was tedious and tiring. It was a free tanning session which lasted for 40 mins to do the task. And just when I thought I have completed my task, mum handed me another two stacks and asked me to continue, until it is fully covered. So instead of mixing one silver and one gold, I started to go with 2 gold, 2 silver. Then 3 gold, 3 silver....4 gold 4 silver....5 gold 5 silver....until mum stared at me with that killing look....

This time round, I didn't book a hotel to stay which I should have. Instead we all stayed at my aunt's place. And fortunate enough, I get to have my own bed room with own shower room. I thought I was lucky and the rest either sharing or their bed do not have a shower room. For some reason, usually my first day to any country, I usually unable to pang sai. However, maybe I ate too much that day that I presumed it's going to be a nonya cake soon...

Initially I was a little puzzle of the toilet bowl closed and having a brick was on top of the cover. And I thought, the toilet bowl could probably be malfunction, that's why the brick is that. So I thought, maybe I tried with flushing it with the cover open to see if it works by throwing some toilet paper inside. Well, it's working well, and just then mum called me to help her something. No choice, I have to on hold my nonya cake and cover the toilet bowl and put back the brick. This time round I thought maybe it's a way to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs inside the toilet bowl.

After an hour later, I went up again and walked into my room. This time round, I could really feel that the nonya cake is in the making...I went into the toilet, and suddenly I saw two commando mosquitoes manoeuvring and I decided to send them to heaven before I make my nonya cake. It took me awhile to send them to heaven one after another, then i dumped a some toilet paper into the toilet bowl, to prevent water bounce back when I make my nonya cake.

Usually I like to read something while making cake, but over here, there's nothing much to read so i just played the music loud in the room while focusing in making my nonya cake. I began to sit on the toilet bowl, and within a few second, i saw some bubbles out from the area where the toilet papers didn't cover. I found it strange, and again hold back my nonya cake. I think the feeling it's almost like pregnant woman wants to give birth but it's just not the right time to do so.

Unlike those horror movie you see the ang mo likes to yaya papaya and in the end the first one to die. I took a step back, quickly wore my bermuda and then I saw something sticking out of the water... and just slightly out of the water....it could be a...or a...or a....OMG! Oh shit oh shit! I could see something bigger...

I quickly ran out of the toilet, close the door. I went down to look for my brother, and he took a knife while I hold a stick and the emptied rice bag and we both headed to my room.

"May still be hiding inside the toilet bowl."

We open the door slowly where we both stood on a chair. I reached out my stick to the toilet bowl in front of me, tried stirring it....

"Nothing..." I exclaimed...

"Maybe it's gone..."

I opened the door slightly wider, and I checked the right side of the toilet while my brothers suddenly tapped my shoulder...pointing his finger to the left side where the bath tub half filled with water had something in it, which I thought of soaking myself into the bath tub later. I lifted my stick and aimed at the head and about to smash it. It turned hit the body and made a fierce sound as if it's about to strike an attack anytime. I threw a second blow but it only strike its tail and it escaped in a flash and jumped into the toilet bowl and disappeared shortly...

"Lucky you are alert enough, else hor...."

"Brother, can drive me to nearby Jusco to make nonyo cake or not huh? I got phobia after this, I scare my lam par je gone in the process of making nonya cake."

"I also scare, not only you lor...."

To be continued....

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